Update 1: 90-Day Journey to Improve Speaking Skills

September 14, 2020

Hello girls! I hope you are doing awesome today. This is the first update of the 90-day journey I am doing to improve my speaking skills in Korean.

First of all I need to say this: It’s been harder than I though. I did think that it wasn’t going to be so easy, because I needed to put in the effort and move out of my comfort zone. But I never though that improving my speaking skills would be a slow process.

Maybe it’s because the only other language I feel fluent at speaking is English, which is a language I learnt every week during school (since I was six years old) and then I continued practising in during University. So I cannot really remember in which moment I started to be able to speak in English.

Apart from the difficulties I’ve been having with the language I realized I was putting too many things on my plate: job, house chores, cooking, practising Korean with my previous schedule (using the personalized language curriculum template I designed), social life, doing challenges from other content creators, having some relaxation time for myself, and on top of that doing the 90-day journey task…

At the end of the day I felt like practicing Korean was just another task to be completed before the day ended, and I truly don’t like feeling that.

So in order to enjoy learning Korean again (and also getting to improve my speaking skills), I am thinking on changing the activities I always do. I will try new ones and see if I enjoy them more. It’s not like the activities I’ve been doing so far are boring or useless, but I’ve been doing them on repeat every single week, so that’s why I am not enjoying them like before.

In case you were wondering, the activities I did do during this past week, were: reading song’s lyrics out loud (three times in a row), practicing my intonation, imitating native speakers saying key phrases in Youtube videos and K-dramas (I was watching Boys Over Flowers and Crash Landing on You).

As I said before, I put so many things on my plate during this past week that some days I forgot to practice speaking or simply chose not to do it because I was so tired. Maybe this week I will try to study Korean first thing in the morning!

If you want to listen to my weekly update audio (which you can take as a podcast episode), you can find it below this paragraph!

I hope you enjoyed this update, specially if you are also feeling bad in relation to your improvements in your target language. Always remember to enjoy the journey!

Have a beautiful day ahead,

Sofía xx