The Best Gifts For Aspiring Polyglots And Languages Lovers

December 14, 2018

Holidays are coming and during Christmas you’ll want to give something special to your loved ones. If your best friend, colleague, lover, sister or any other person who is important to you wants tolearn a foreign language or is an aspiring polyglot, you need to give them agift specially made for them, instead of a gift without a meaning.

In this post I’ll give you a list of ideas of presents that you can gift to the bilingual in your family, the aspiring polyglot in your group of friends, and even to yourself, the languages lover!

Some of these gifts are digital, so you can give them to a person living far away from you without any worry.

Let’s begin!

Most of the apps out there have paid options, especially apps to learn a foreign language. There are certain units or features that you can only access to by paying monthly or yearly. If you know someone from your family or group of friends is already using an app in the free version, stop struggling to think on what to gift them, and pay some months for he/she to use the blocked features and tools! I am sure that person will be super happy because of the new things he/she will learn.

In case you don’t know which apps you can pay for the person you want to gift, I made two posts on my blog making reviews of different language learning apps I tested myself so you can get a clue about which one is better for you or your loved one(s) needs.

5 Apps That You Need In Your Life  When Trying To Learn A Language

You Totally Need These Apps If You Want To Learn Any Language

If you want that important person to you to get organized while studying the language of their preference, you should give him/her a planner specially made for polyglot. I created a version of my Blissful Organization Planner for polyglot and languages lovers.

If your loved one (or even you) is learning a foreign language or one of his/her goals is to become in a polyglot, he/she totally needs this version of my planner. He/she will find a complete section inside of it with templates to organize language learning sessions. From quarterly schedules to get fully organized, to checklists with activities he or she can do to become more fluent, this planner will help the aspiring polyglot to get organized in every aspect of his/her life apart from getting better at their target language.

When you purchase the planner, you can download it and print it as many times as you want! You can have one yourself, give one to your friend(s), boyfriend, girfriend or any other person important in your life!

See the Blissful Organization Planner (Polyglot version) here for the pink option or here for the light blue option

One of the things polyglots struggle with more is grammar. Probably you or your polyglot friend is having a hard time trying to learn the grammatical structures of his/her target language, so one thing you can give to them is a grammar book.

There are several options in the market, but I advise you choose one that includes pictures, activities and exercises to practice and seems easy to understand. You can search on google: best grammar books of *insert target language* and go through the different options till you find the perfect one to give. You can also do your search on Amazon and Bookdepository.

Becoming in a polyglot or bilingual person does not only require knowing grammar, but also learning vocabulary. Another idea of gifts you can give is a set of flashcards in the target language of your friend or family member. Again, you can search online: best set of flashcards to learn *insert target language* or Flashcards to learn *insert target language*.

Try to look for the ones with a better relation between price and worth. You want to give a good quality and useful thing to your loved one, so read the reviews before purchasing.

This is my most purchased product yet and the one most people show interest in. I created the Sweven workbook for people to have a practical tool to learn their target language. This book will be the best notebook for your polyglot friend; it was divided into different ‘units’ so that people could write down everything they learn in their target language, apart from doing different kinds of exercises.

Sweven: Practical workbook to learn any language is the perfect tool for the aspiring polyglot who never knows what to learn next, especially if it is an autonomous learner.

Just as the planner I mentioned before, you can download the pdf and print it and bind it as many times as you want. Give copies to your language lovers friends and family, and have one yourself!

You can check it out HERE.

If your loved one loves to read, he or she will absolutely enjoy this gift! This book was written by a polyglot who speaks 6 languages (at the moment of writing the book), giving all his tips to acquire a language faster. He talks about the challenge of memory and different techniques he used to learn all the languages he knows, for example, to have a better pronunciation.

You can buy the physical or ebook version of the book, depending on your preference. Find the book and read more about it here.

This book will also help your polyglot friend to learn some techniques to acquire a foreign language and how to understand better the different language patterns, BUT will also teach him/her about the roots of languages. It is like a practical history book for the ones who want to be polyglots and love learning about linguistics. The book also simplifies grammar so as to make it more useful to readers.

You can find and read more about the book here.

As I know some people want to get organized in their polyglot studies and also have a workbook to practice, I created a Polyglot Bundle that includes both the Planner and the Workbook I mentioned to you before! This is cheaper than purchasing them separately, so if you want to give your friend the two things, just purchase the Polyglot Bundle.

Download the archives in pdf, print as many copies as you’ll want to give (or own) and bind them! Your friends will adore this gift because they’ll know you thought about their needs. Apart from it is a gift you kind of did (printing and binding), so it will feel more special to them!

Did I mention that the Planner includes a set of stickers? Well, it does. You can find the Bundle Here.

If your friend or member of your family is always busy, he/she will probably lack in time. Having classes at a physical place may be hard for them and that may also be the reason they are not fluent yet. But, online classes won’t disturb that much their schedule and they can end up loving this methodology to learn.

There are many websites where you can purchase online classes, but Italki seems to be the best option. I’ve heard of many polyglots who are giving it a try and they are loving it!

You can go to Italki here, and see if the target language of your loved one is available. Then, purchase some classes and give them to he/she as an original, minimalist and useful gift.

I hope this post was super useful for you! I had a great time searching information and telling you about it so that you can give amazing gifts this Christmas (and any other Christmas). Let me know if you know about any other cool gift idea for polyglots, I’d love to know!

Have a beautiful day,