Testing My Skills in my Target Language – 90 Day Journey Update 7

October 26, 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a beautiful day so far. Today I’ll be sharing with you the behind the scenes of my seventh week doing the 90-day Journey to get better at speaking in my target language (Korean), without stress or oeverwhelm.

First of all, I realized that I finished the first challenge of this journey! Yay! Even though I’m happy for being able to watch 30 videos in Korean, I also feel like I want to keep doing this for the rest of this project.

Maybe I won’t be watching Youtube videos every day, but I do want to do it sometimes of the week, when I feel like it.

Now I’m preparing for my second challenge (which you can also find in the Language Challenges Bundle!). This one is all about Reading out loud for 30 days.

The amazing thing about this challenge, is that I do not need to read only novels or news or essays. I get to choose ANYTHING I’d like to read, like songs’ lyrics, poems, magazines, tweets, facebook posts, etc.

In my case I chose to practice with the lyrics of BTS, Red velvet and Black Pink songs. I also want to use Instagram posts from the vloggers I like. I will also be practicing by reading the Korean subtitles in the videos I like, among other kind of reading material content.

Talking about Korean subtitles, I recently watched a Youtube video from a new vlogger I discovered, and instead of watching with subtitles in English, I chose, for the first time during this 90-day journey, to do it with only Korean subtitles!

The experience was good; of course, I couldn’t understand a lot from the video, but it was really useful to help me train my ear and reading skills more.

Finally, I also finished the last unit from my personalized language curriculum of Korean! (you can create yours here).

So this week, apart from doing activities to improve my speaking skills, I’ll do the review days, where I’ll be reviewing all the content I learnt from Unit 5 and 6. This is something I also incorporated in the 33-Week Language Study Plan Generator. So after ten weeks of learning new content, it comes a Review Week.

This is all for now, but as always, remember that you can listen to an audio where I go deeper into this week’s update. You can use it as a podcast episode to get motivated in your own language practice! You can listen to it down below.

Have a beautiful week ahead, I’m sending lots of love your way!

Sofía xx