Last Week 90-Day Journey Learning Korean – Update 9

December 7, 2020

Hey there! I hope you are having a beautiful day so far. Today marks the final day of my 90-day journey trying to improve at speaking Korean, and I wanted to write a final update with you.

During this 90-day journey I’ve discovered which language learning strategies are more effective to me, and which ones aren’t so much. I started this experiment so that I could improve in one of my main target languages (Korean), but also to see what happens when you are consistent and committed with your language practice.

This last week I mainly focused on journaling in Korean every day. I wanted to give this a try because when I did the same for Italian during 30 days, I realized that my writing and speaking skills improved. I wanted the same for Korean, so I tried journaling.

I must say that even though my plan was to journal every day for one week, there were a couple of days on which I totally forgot to do it. It was late at night and I remembered about journaling when I was about to sleep.

My solution for the next days of the week was to put my Korean notebook and a pen on my night table. That way, even if I remembered to journal late at night, I would still be able to do it.

It was the first time that I tried journaling in Korean and it was amazing! I could practice writing and I also learnt new words. I could practice different sentence structures as well.

Apart from doing this, I also listened to a lot of songs in Korean (as usual) and watched some videos on Youtube about Korean expressions, which included scenes from K-dramas to show the different politeness levels.

Even though the 90-day journey ended, I will continue doing the activities that helped me learn the most. Watching videos in Korean on Youtube (with and with no subtitles), journaling, reading out loud and using different apps were very useful to me.

I would be lying if I told you that now I’m totally fluent in Korean and that I reached a new level of proficiency. But what it is truth is that now I know which language learning strategies are more effective for me. I could also get more used to the way Koreans speak in real life. My listening skills improved as well as my speed to read in Hangeul.

I haven’t recorded myself yet to compare the audio I did on the first day of this 90-day journey with a new one, but I’ll do it today and then I’ll share with you about that.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this journey with me. If you also want to embark yourself in a similar 90-day experiment to see how much you can improve in a target language, you can totally do it! I’ll be happy to see how your journey goes.

Remember that this 90-day journey didn’t have as an aim to ‘get fluent’ or ‘get to an advanced level’. My aim was always to see how much I could improve at speaking. Learning a language is not something you finish doing and even more important, is not something you can do fast in a couple of weeks.

Learning a language takes time (for most people) and it requires to be consistent in the long term in case you truly want to be at an advanced level. So don’t feel bad if after a year you are still at a beginner stage. This is totally normal!

If you want to learn a language I’m sending you my best wishes in this journey. You can totally improve and achieve your language goals!

Have a beautiful day ahead and see you in the next post,

Sofía xx