Improve Your Listening Skills By Watching These Horror Films On Halloween (7 Languages)

October 19, 2018

Halloween is around the corner and one of the things we love the most about it is watching horror movies. Some of us are really scared about them (I am raising my hand), but still there is something about scary films and Halloween that we absolutely love. In this post, I will share with you some movies in 7 different languages that you can watch this Halloween to put on practice your listening skills.

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If you love horror films, are fond of Halloween or just want to chill out a little bit with your friends or family watching a scary movie, AND one of your goals is learning a foreign language, keep reading.

The films I will share with you are in seven different languages so you can practice your target language while enjoying your Halloween.

Let’s begin!

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Rec (2007): I watched this movie when I was in seventh grade or so and I have re-watched it many times. This movie from Spain is the original version of the American movie ‘Quarantine’. Angela Vidal, a reporter, goes to a fire station during the night to record the episode of a program. After some hours being there, the firefighters receive a call to go to a building. Angela Vidal goes with them and soon the building is quarantined. As the time goes by, the residents of the building, the policemen and firefighters inside and Angela Vidal with her cameraman, start living the worst night of their lives while they are trapped in the building.

Wir Sind die Nacht (2010): This German movie is about Lena, a conflictive girl who is used to stealing. A policeman, who is trying to catch her, starts having romantic feelings for her. One day, Lena meets a group of women who are vampires. The movie mixes vampire drama with horror and LGBT scenes. It doesn’t seem so scary so it may be good for people who are afraid of horror movies in general.

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Ju-on (2000): This is the original version of the movie ‘The Grudge’. A Japanese man kills his wife and his son and after that, a curse is created in their house. Every person who goes there is under the curse and experiences horror situations there.

I’ve just watched ‘The Grudge’ (American version) and it is really scary. Somehow I think the Japanese version may be even scarier.

Chakusin Ari (2003): This movie is the original version of ‘One Missed Called’ (American movie). The story follows a group of friends who are in a party. One of them receives a weird called where she hears her own voice screaming. The date of the call is three days in the future. Three days later, she dies. After her death, every friend that was at the party with her, start receiving the same kind of calls. The main character tries to discover what is happening and how to stop this before she receives the call.

I watched the American version and I got really scared, so I plan on watching the Japanese version as well since I think I can be scarier.

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La terza madre (2007): The movie is about Sarah Mandi, a student of art restoration. She analyzes an urn with the ashes of an old witch known as Mater Lachrymarum and soon the chaos invades Rome. This is the third and last movie of a trilogy called ‘The three mothers trilogy’. The first movie was Suspiria (1977) and the second one Inferno (1980).

Martyrs (2008): This is a psychological horror drama film that was very controversial in France. It is about Lucie, a young woman who escapes from a building where she was abused and tortured. Then, she goes to an orphanage and meets another girl called Anna. They became friends and fifteen years later, Lucie burst into a house and kills a whole family. After that she kills herself and Anna cleans the house to ‘help’ in some way. Suddenly she discovers a hidden room where another woman is captive. A group of people burst there and kill the woman. After that, they capture Anna, the new ‘Martyr’. The movie has a kind of shocking end and has been considered as part of the ‘new era French horror films’.

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Train to Busan (2016): This is a movie for all of those who want to enjoy a horror movie, without getting really scared. In fact, this movie is kind of sad. It is about a group of people who are trapped and surrounded by zombies in a train going to Busan. The main character, a man, is trying to show his daughter that he really loves her. Other characters include a high school baseball team, a man and his pregnant wife, and two old sisters. I loved this movie because although is kind of scary, there are some ‘funny’ situations, and a lot of sad ones that make you reflect about life, family and love.

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018): This movie is about a youtuber who joins other six people to enter an abandoned asylum to record what happens there. The legend states that the director of the hospital killed every person there. Their goal recording their exploration of the hospital is to reach one million viewers.

HEBECTA (the bride) (2017): It is a psychological thriller horror film about a college student and her fiance who go to his family house. She is prepared to meet her family in law, but soon discovers that they keep a lot of dark secrets and are planning a sinister ritual for her.

I truly hope you have enjoyed this post. I hope you also get to watch at least one of these movies so that you can practice your listening skills while having a great Halloween day (or any other day on which you would like to watch a horror film).

Have a beautiful day,