How To Manifest The Law Of Attraction To Learn A Language

September 21, 2018

One of the many goals people have is to be fluent in a specific language or even being multilingual. We all know how hard it is to be at an intermediate and advanced level in German, Chinese, French, etc. We try and we put all of our effort to master our target language, but sometimes (if not always) we remain negative about it. We forget to keep our spirit positive and we forget to manifest our desires to the world.

I’m sure you have at least a small glimpse of what the law of attraction means. If you already know what the book ‘The secret’ is about, then you’ll understand it faster.

Law of attraction happens every time and everywhere, whether you are conscious about it or not. When you desire something so much that you can’t get that thought out of your head, then you are manifesting the law of attraction. If you don’t want something to happen and you continuously think about it (eg: I don’t want to be sick), you attract that thought and although is something negative, you end up getting sick.

That is why to keep good things in your life, you should always think in a positive affirmation. Instead of saying ‘I don’t want to get sick’, you should say ‘I want to be healthy’. The same happens with every other aspect of your life, even learning languages.

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If you are trying to be fluent at a language, but feel like you are not going to succeed, you totally NEED to start manifesting your goals in the law of attraction, using positive affirmations. In this post, I will teach you how to do it and give you some extra tips for you to apply all the time.

Let’s begin!

The first step to attract good things is to manifest your deepest desires. In general, when we talk about the law of attraction, the common topics are ‘owning a house’, ‘having a better job’, ‘being healthy’ and ‘earning more money’. In this case, you should mostly focus on your language learning goals. Of course, you can manifest everything related to your life dreams, but remind yourself about your fluency goals first.

Find a quiet place in your house and sit or lay down as if you were to meditate. Try to maintain your mind calm and then allow your brain to think about where you want to be in the future: Do you want to be multilingual and be fluent in six languages? Do you just want to be able to speak fluently in German? Do you want to learn the basics of Spanish, Chinese and French? Whatever is your goal, manifest it and convert it into positive energy that surrounds your whole body.

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Now that you have canalized that powerful and positive energy, pick a piece of paper and a pen and start writing down what you want to achieve those goals. Is it because you want to travel to many countries? Is it because your boyfriend speaks Japanese and you want to be able to speak in his native language? Is it because you love the Korean language and want to watch Korean dramas without subtitles? It doesn’t matter what are your reasons, just write them down. That way you will make your manifestation more valuable and important for you.

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In case you don’t know what a vision board is, I will explain it to you. A vision board usually is a piece of cardboard where you can put pictures, written sentecences or words, drawings, etc. that can motivate and inspire you to achieve something.

In the case of learning languages you can put images of the movies/shows in your target language, the picture of someone who speaks that language fluently, a polyglot influencer, an inspiring quote you love, the lyrics of your favourite song in your target language, etc.

Pick up whatever you find on the internet or even in magazines that lit a spark in your positivity and desire of achieving something. Whenever you look at your vision board, you’ll feel immediately inspired.

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Mantras are short sentences or even short poems that people repeat over and over again in order to achieve something. A mantra I like is ‘I accept myself unconditionally right now. I will accept myself unconditionally throughout the day. Mistakes and all.’ (

You can create your own mantras or search for some of them online, but as you are trying to manifest a desire that is truly yours, I advise you create one related to language learning and your own goals. Another characteristic of Mantras, is that most of the time they refer to what you want to achieve as if it had already happened. For example, if you want to own a house, you’ll say ‘At last I have my own beautiful house and I love living there’.

You can write your mantra(s) down on a piece of paper and keep it in your night table so that every time you see it you manifest your goal. Or you can even write it with a big and beautiful font, put in on a frame and hang it on your wall. You decide.

Here are some mantras I created for you:

-I am a fluent speaker, I can speak in every language I want.

-My effort was worthy because now I am the polyglot I always dreamt of being.

-I will practice *insert your target language* day and night until I make it a language of my own.

This is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind. It doesn’t matter if you did every step above, if you don’t practice gratitude right now, then you are not going to succeed. You should show some gratitude to what has already happened to you because you like it or not, nice things have happened to you. You also need to show gratitude to yourself and the things that you have already achieved.

If you already can speak fluently in two languages (your native language and another one), thank yourself for that. If you have been learning Chinese, for example, and you still aren’t fluent but you know one hundred words already, be proud of yourself and show gratitude.

We are always taking one more step and sometimes we feel like what is behind us doesn’t matter, but that is not true. Every step you have taken, everything you have learned, feel proud of it. You are growing little by little and you don’t need to be a master in anything just during the first day, week, month or even year. Great success takes effort and time, so don’t judge yourself and feel happy for what you have done until now.

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I am sure it will be very useful for your language learning sessions, as you can use it instead of a regular notebook. If you are too busy to create your own notebook or you just don’t know which topics to learn and in which order, my workbook is going to be perfect for you as it has every unit, topic, and activity already set up for you to fill in the blanks

I truly hope you have enjoyed this post. I really felt super connected to the words I was writing. I love topics related to the law of attraction and manifesting our goals. I think that our thoughts are powerful and we shouldn’t underrate them.

If you already use the law of attraction, I’ll love to know how you manifest your dreams. If you have created any mantra, I would also love to read some of them! Tell me about it in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post if you think someone else can benefit from it.

Have a beautiful day,


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