How to Improve Your Writing Skills in a Foreign Language

August 18, 2020


Try doing the following activities! If you pick up one each day or each week, you may realize that is not that you are not good enough or that your target language is so hard, you only needed to be more consistent! 

>> Journaling for 10 minutes.

>> Write down some notes about a new grammar structure you learnt.

>> Write down the lyrics of your favourite songs so that you get used to the alphabet in your target language.

>> Create sentences that are related to your life. Use real life examples.

>> Install a keyboard in your target language on your cellphone and send messages to yourself or to someone who is also learning that foreign language.

>> Create a Twitter account where you only tweet in your target language.

>> Upload daily or weekly stories on Instagram and make sure you write only in the foreign language you are learning.

>> Write a poem or a short story in your target language using simple phrases if you are a beginner, or more complex sentences if you are an intermediate or advanced learner.

When I was learning English, I used to write a lot in this language. Now I look back and read what I wrote, and yes, there are plenty of grammar mistakes and words with spelling errors. But doing that helped me get better and improve little by little!  

I used to write about my days in school in a notebook because I wanted to reflect on them. Then, when I started university, I wrote on a secret website! I created a Tumblr account that no one knew about and talked about everything I was experiencing at that moment.  

You can try doing that as well! Just open a blog, a twitter account, an Instagram, etc. in your target language and talk about anything you want 😃 you can make it public and share about it with your friends and family…or you can just make it private and use it as a diary 💌 

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I hope my tips were useful for you. If you have any question that you want me to answer in future posts, please let me know.

Have a beautiful day ahead,

Sofía xx