How To Get Motivated To Learn Languages

November 19, 2019

Hello girls!! Long-time no see. I have been rethinking my niche several times, but I always come back to the same: I like creating content related to languages a lot, so from now on, everything in Blissogirl will be related to learning languages.

I will give you fresh content to dig deep so that you feel inspired and motivated to learn your favourite languages. I will also create new products for my store, and maybe a new course too.

I really hope this new ‘beginning’ is the best for everyone. I want to help you the most I can, so if you have any request for me to talk to you about, I’ll be happy to read it in the comment section below :)!

Now, this post is about getting motivated to learn languages. I know from my experience that even though we may loooove learning foreign languages, and they are part of our goals every year, there are times when we just can’t sit down and grab our notebooks to learn.

If you feel blocked and somehow, you feel like you lost your motivation, in this post I will share with you my top strategies to return to my language passionate state so that you can do the same from this moment on.

Let’s begin!

>> Watch some TED Talks

Whenever I feel unmotivated to learn languages I like to watch TED talks to feel inspired again. And I am not talking about regular TED talks, I am talking about the ones made by polyglots or people who really love languages.

Some of them are long (well, most of them) with a duration of approximately 15 minutes, but it really worths the pain to watch them. You can learn a lot from these polyglots or teachers of languages who once were in the same shoes that you. They also started somewhere, and they surely struggled to be where they are today in relation to languages.

I will share with you the ones I like the most and some others that caught my attention:

The secrets of learning a new language – Lydia Machovà

How language shapes the way we think – Lera Boroditsky

5 techniques to speak any language – Sid Efromovich

Learning a language? Speak it like you are playing a video game – Marianna Pascal

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>> Watch videos from other polyglots

Something I really enjoy to do, especially when I am unmotivated to learn languages, is to watch videos from other polyglots or teachers of languages. Their passion and motivation are so contagious, that I cannot ignore it. I immediately start feeling these high vibes from them, and I just want to grab my notebooks, workbooks, and studying material to learn and practice again.

Some videos I like to watch from time to time are the following:

South African polyglot speaking 10 languages – Lindie Botes

How to stay motivated when learning a language – Lindie Botes

Teen speaks over 20 languages – THNKR

Speaking 6 languages! How to learn languages and become multilingual – Kaisa A

How I stay multilingual and learn new languages – Jasmine Lipska

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>> Write down your achievements and goals

Another thing you can do when you are unmotivated or you simply feel like a failure in relation to languages is to start by writing your achievements so far. When you realized of all the things that you already know, you become more confident in relation to your skills, and then you strive higher.

In my case, I often feel like I am not good enough with Korean. So I take a moment to remember all of the things I already know in the language. Maybe I am not fluent yet, but I can understand many words and phrases, I can write them too, I can read sentences in the Korean alphabet (Hangeul) and I can understand what they mean!

So write down everything you are already able to do, and then move to your goals. These ones will be the fuel to motivate you to keep going. Write down the level you want to reach in every language you are currently learning, and also in the ones you would like to learn in the future. Write down the tangible things you want to be able to do: speak to natives, write in your journal, watch movies with no subtitles, travel to a foreign country and be able to communicate well, etc.

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>> Fall in love with your target language (again)

You probably started learning your target language because you fell in love with it. You liked how words are pronounced, how sentences are built, accents, the culture, etc. And now that you are struggling with the learning process, you may feel like you don’t like it anymore.

Trust me, you probably feel that because you are going through a hard language learning moment. It is part of the process to feel bad or overwhelmed at some point (especially when you find it difficult to learn). So one of the best things you can do to have your motivation back is to fall in love with your target language once again.

Think about what made you feel interested in that particular language. Watch a movie or show you love in that language, listen to some music you like, follow native speakers of that language, etc. Try to feel into the feelings of loving that language (sorry if that sounds too cheesy!)

Once you are in love with it again, your motivation will be higher and you will probably want to immerse yourself in your books and notebooks.

>> Are you struggling to learn a foreign languages? Check out my course about language study organization!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Remember to let me know which way I can help you in future posts (or even for future products!)

Have an amazing day and enjoy your learning,

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  • […] Read my post about how to get motivated again to learn languages. […]

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