How To Get Motivated Every Month To Learn Languages

September 5, 2019

Learning a foreign language is a dream most of us have. We love listening to polyglots and wish we could be like them, but we often feel discouraged by our own skills. We think we are not good enough, that we do not have time to practice or study, and that we will probably fail.

Two of the most common problems I see in language learning is not having modern girl tools to practice and feeling lonely in the process as there is no one you know that is also interested in learning foreign languages.

I wanted to solve that problem and create a space for women that could provide you with monthly printables and inspiring tools as well as challenges to keep you motivated to learn your favourite language(s).

This place is called Polyglot Girls Collective and it is a membership program that you can join now.

As this is a monthly subscription program, you may be wondering what type of content I will upload each month.

Let me tell you about it, girl. For each monthly kit you will find:

One printable to work on during the month. Sometimes I will design a worksheet to practice grammar, other months I will create flashcards or stickers. I have many ideas for printables, and even though they are supposed to be printed, you can also use them digitally on your iPad or Tablet (Noteshelf, Goodnotes, and Metamoji app are useful for that!).

I will also create one new wallpaper design for your cellphone so that you get inspired every day. Each month I will use a different quote and it will be written in five languages. So the languages I use are going to be changing each time.

Every month there is going to be one challenge or language learning thing to focus on for those 30 days so that you get more motivated to study each week (or each day if you are really into it!). Some challenges will fit perfectly to practice your current target language(s), but there will be times where you will have to learn a new language from scratch (don’t worry! it won’t be in an advanced level).

I will also upload three extra lectures, which can be:

-Audios with tips on different topics about language learning.

-Resources that I’ve found online and that may be useful for you.

-Inspiring videos I want to share with you.

-And other polyglot-related content!

The purpose of this membership program is to INSPIRE you and encourage you to improve at language learning.

I love designing printables and creating activities to do (that was my favorite thing to do when I studied to be a teacher and did internships at schools). I know that for many people learning a foreign language is a horrible thing to try because they do not see fast results. But I also know that the tasks you do to practice can make a BIG difference between boring language sessions and fun ones. The latter will always bring in better results!

Each monthly printable, challenge and set of wallpapers is created to INSPIRE you, MOTIVATE you, ENCOURAGE you and HELP you to be a step closer to your goals.

If you are interested so far…this will make you be more excited to join the Polyglot Girls Collective

If you choose to try the membership subscription under the monthly payment method, you will receive the ebook ‘My Hacks to Learn Any Language’ for Free (valued at $5)

In case you want to try the annual subscription, I will give you free access to the Language Learning Hub (valued at $33)

Note: These bonuses will be sent to you on your second month of subscription in any of the two payment options you choose. But I will also give you a welcome package as a new member of the collective when you join.

You can try the monthly option if you want to see if you like it, and then change to an annual payment if you prefer!

When you subscribe, you will receive not only the kit of the month you join but also the previous kits aswell.

You will not only be able to put on practice your languages skills but also get inspired by the other girls and by me. I will always be available for you to talk about language learning and give you tips or help you. If you are learning Spanish (my native language) or even English, I can also help by chatting with you in these languages.

Learning foreign languages is an amazing experience, as well as getting to understand native people talking. Let’s make the best out of our learning experience and know more about the world thanks to each language we learn!

What are you waiting to join? This collective has many language-related surprises for you.