How to Fit Language Learning Activities in your Daily Routine

December 20, 2019

Hello girl! I hope you are doing amazing today. In today’s post I wanted to help you in case you WANT to study and practice your target language(s) BUT you feel like you don’t have enough time during the day to do it.

So in this post, I will give you some tips to help you stick your language practice activities to the tasks you already do in your daily routine.

Let’s begin!

>> Write down your daily routine activities

The first thing I want you to do is to write down all of the tasks you have to do during the week. You can include things such as waking up at a specific hour, working, going to university or school, studying for an exam, doing chores at home, working out, etc.

Try to remember every single thing you always do during each day of the week, so that it becomes easier to stick other activities to your schedule.

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>> Think about and write down all the language learning activities you want to do

Write down a list of all the activities you want to include in your weekly schedule to practice your target language(s). Think about all the possibilities you may want to do, collect ideas from the internet, Pinterest, youtube, books, etc.

Here are some ideas of activities:

  • Studying with a grammar workbook.
  • Listening to a Podcast.
  • Reading a fiction book in your target language.
  • Journaling every day.
  • Talking with a native speaker.
  • Taking an online course.
  • Watching videos on Youtube.
  • Writing examples of grammar patterns.
  • Using an App.

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>> Reflect about which activities you can stick to your daily tasks

Now you can think about which language learning activities can be stuck to your daily tasks! This can be done in two different ways:

Doing the language learning task just after you do your other normal task: This means, to include the habit of practising your target language (with whatever activity you prefer) by doing it immediately after you finish doing other activity in your schedule.

For example 1) Reading one lesson or page of a grammar book/fiction book just after you go to bed. So instead of picking up your phone to check Instagram or Facebook, you grab your book and read for a while. 2) Watching a grammar explanation in a Youtube video just after getting home from work.

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The other way you can stick the language activity to another one is by doing them at the same time: This means, practice your target language at the same time you are doing another thing of your daily routine that doesn’t require you to pay a lot of attention.

For example 1) Listening to a Podcast episode in your commute time as you are on the bus or train. 2) Practising with an App while you wait for a meal to be ready.

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>> Other activities you can stick to the ones you do in your daily routine:

-Watching a video from Youtube while you eat your breakfast.

-Listening to music in your target language while you take a shower.

-Reading a webtoon or comic while you travel (in case you travel every week).

-Practising your writing of your target language’s alphabet while you wait for a class to begin.

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I really hope this post was useful to you! If you have any question about it, just ask me! Tell me on the comment section below which ones of the previous examples you already do to stick a language practice activity to your daily tasks.

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Have an amazing day!

  • […] Read my post ‘How to fit language activities in your daily routine’ […]

  • […] Read my post ‘How to fit language activities in your daily routine’ […]

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