How to Decide Which Language To Learn This Fall

September 18, 2018

Learning a new language is a beautiful process, and with so many favorite around the world, sometimes is hard to choose ‘the one’ to practice next. Take advantage of the cozy atmosphere of fall by learning a new language. Surely you have your favorite one(s), but maybe you don’t know which one is the one you should focus on. If you are having a bad time at deciding right now, keep reading this post.

Every new season requires our reflection because they always bring something new into our lives. Another quarter of the year starts and we sometimes evaluate our yearly goals. During these cold but still kind of warm days of fall, you may be thinking on learning a brand new language (or even an old one you left some time ago). Reflecting is the most important thing you should do now. I will give you some writing tasks that you NEED to do in order to choose wisely.

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If you still can’t decide on which language to learn next or if you want to challenge yourself this fall by picking a language on which you want to be fluent, continue reading. I will tell you some tips that will help you to clear up your mind and reflect so that you can take a better decision.

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Write a list of the languages you love the most. These are the ones you love hearing to, you enjoy their songs, movies, culture, linguistic aspects, grammar, vocabulary, etc. You can have two or you can have twenty! Just be completely honest and don’t be scared to put a non-common language on that list.

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Then, in a separate piece of paper, write down why you love those languages. You can do it in general terms or write a paragraph for each language you chose before. Is up to you!

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favorite is super important because most of the time you can relate your hobbies to your target language. Write down which are the activities you enjoy most doing. Singing, dancing, reading, writing, watching Netflix, practicing a sport, playing video games, cooking, going out, etc. Just write what you do most in your free time.

Part of the why you want to learn a language may have to be with your plans for your future. Many people (maybe that is also your case), want to be fluent in a second language because it will be useful for their jobs. Some other people prefer learning a foreign language because they are in love with a specific country and want to travel or even live there! Write down which are your plans for the future: Where do you want to travel to? What job are you planning on having? What are your personal and professional projects?

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Now it’s time you write down the pros and cons list of each language in relation to the plans you wrote about previously. Is a specific language going to be useful for you in your area of expertise? Is it going to be useful for you when traveling? Do you really want to know the culture or is just because everyone speaks that language? Be honest, again, and write down what comes out of your heart.

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Maybe a certain language you love is not going to be useful in any aspect, but you really want to learn it because you feel kind of connected to it or the culture that is behind it. In that case, also listen to your soul. If something in you is really into a foreign language, go on and learn it! Maybe you don’t know what will come out of doing that choice, but the future can bring something very special to you some day, because you learnt that specific language.

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In case you didn’t know, I am selling a cute ebook that you can use as a notebook to practice your target language(s). It has more than 130 pages and you can print it as many times as you want to. Just click on the picture above for more info and a FREE preview. If you like it, make sure you purchase it!

I am sure it will be very useful for your language learning sessions, as you can use it instead of a regular notebook. If you are too busy to create your own notebook or you just don’t know which topics to learn and in which order, my workbook is going to be perfect for you as it has every unit, topic, and activity already set up for you to fill in the blanks.

I hope this post was useful for you and you do the exercise of reflecting in relation to each language that you just love. Write in the comment section below which are your favorite languages. I’d be happy to know about it!

Have a beautiful day,


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