Dreaming in a Foreign Language? – 90-Day Journey Update Four

October 5, 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day so far. Today is my update number four of the 90-day journey I am doing to improve my speaking skills in Korean.

During this past week, I have been doing the ‘Watching Youtube videos for 30 Days Challenge’ (you can also do the challenge if you want! the worksheet with tracker and audio are available on my ‘Language Challenges Bundle‘), and I think it is helping me a lot.

Whenever I watch a new video (with subtitles both in Eng/Spa and Korean), I take screenshots of the sentences and key phrases that I think will be useful to know in the future.

I truly recommend you to do this when you watch videos or even tv shows/movies in your target language! But only take screenshots or write down the sentences that are going to be more useful to you. For example, if a person says ‘I’m going to go to work now’, that would be useful to you if you are currently working and that sentence is something you tend to say every day.

On the other hand, if someone in the video/movie/tv show says something like ‘I only eat carrots’, and that sentence is not something you would say in your every day life, then do not take a screenshot of it. In the case you would say something similar, but not exactly the same, you can always write down one part of the sentence (for example ‘I only eat….’), so that you can fill in the gaps with other words.

Last Monday or Tuesday, I’m not sure when it was, I decided to watch my daily video in Korean before going to sleep while in bed. I ended up watching two videos, so it was more than 20 minutes of listening practice. And you know what? that night I dreamt in Korean! It was kind of weird, because I dreamt with my high school classmates and they were all speaking in Korean, and I just could understand some words. But at the same time it was so cool that that happened just because I decided to watch some videos in Korean before going to sleep!

I am trying to watch my daily video in Korean during the night or after working, but sometimes if I know I will be doing plenty of things in the day, I am watching the videos on the mornings while I eat my breakfast. This has helped me to keep consistent most of the time, but…

Yes, I have also forgotten to watch my daily video in Korean twice during this past week. And that’s totally fine! If you forget to study or practice your target language during a couple of days in the week, nothing bad happens. As long as you are being consistent most of the time, you can totally allow yourself to rest and not study for some days.

I am in the process of creating a workbook to use whenever I watch a video on Youtube, so that I not only watch it but also go deeper and put into practice the new words and phrases I learnt. I will absolutely let you know when that workbook is ready so that you can also use it!

Meanwhile, I am getting ready my new course ‘Language Study Organization Bootcamp’, which will be launched during this week (keep an eye on it, girl!).

Down below you can find the audio of this update, where I tell you more behind the scenes of the 90-day journey during this week. As always, it’s 20+ minutes long, so you can use it as a podcast episode to inspire you!

I hope you have a beautiful week ahead, bye!

Sofía xx