Create a Language Study Routine for 2020

January 3, 2020

Hello girls! I hope you are having an amazing day so far and an even better beginning of the new year. Today I wanted to share with you some of my tips to help you create a personalized language study routine for 2020.

If you want to reach your language goals and make an habit of practising your favourite languages, continue reading!

Let’s begin!

>> Create one routine per time available

I know for sure that there are some days of the week where we have just a couple of minutes to practice, there are other days where we have a whole hour or more. That is why it is important to create separate study routines for the different time frames you have available during the week.

You can create one routine for whenever you have only 15 minutes to study or less. Another one for when you have 30 minutes and a third one for the days where you can practice for one hour our more.

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>> Begin your study routine with a review task

I cannot recommend you more to start every study routine with a review task to see how much you remember from the previous session you had. You can do this by taking an online quiz, reviewing flashcards, using quizzlet, writing down everything you remember or just reading your notes again.

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>> Think about which activities fit better with each study routine

Taking into account the different time frames you have available in the different days of the week, reflect about which are the best activities you can do in your study session. Think about the ones you like the most to do and the ones that you need to practice the most.

For example, you can include the use of an app for a study routine of 15 minutes. And if you have 30 minutes to study, you can practice with a grammar book. For a longer time frame of between one or two hours, you can choose to watch audiovisual content like movies or tv shows.

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>> Try to include the four main skills

I know that for shorter study routines it may be difficult to incorporate the four main skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading). But if you can, I recommend you to do it. When you practice in these four areas, you remember more and you acquire in a better way.

You can also include some activities to practice your vocabulary, pronunciation, the alphabet, intonation, etc.

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>> Make sure you use immersion tools!

To make your study routines more enjoyable, try to incorporate some immersion tools or material. It’s ok if you like learning from a book, practising grammar by writing or taking quizzes. But if you add some immersion activities like listening to music and analyzing your favourite songs, watching your favourite episodes of your favourite show, reading your favourite chapter of a book you love, watching a movie you used to love in your childhood, and any other task that you may enjoy to do, the results will be better!

You will actually want to start your study routine as soon as possible, and you will learn more through immersion.

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I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you can create your perfect and personalized study routines for this year. I wish you the best for 2020, and if you have any tip or question, just write to me on the comment section below!

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Have an amazing day,

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