It's so nice to meet you!

My name is Sofía, and I’m a 24 year old teacher of English who became a printables designer and course creator.

I’m dedicated to help women organizing themselves so they can finally learn their favourite foreign languages!

Changing from lazy student to productive content creator and organized language learner.

At the beginning of my journey, I was in a totally different place than today. I was fond of languages and wanted to be fluent at them. I got motivated and inspired, but forgot an important piece of the puzzle: ORGANIZATION

With languages I was the same as with everything else in my life; I studied some days, and then stopped practicing for months. Then I’d put on the work again for some weeks, and quit for one year. I was not consistent and organized. Therefore, I couldn’t move forward with the languages I wanted to get fluent at.

As my life started getting more organized, I designed an inner strategy that helped me plan everything with anticipation, be more productive and most important: GET THE RESULTS.

So, why did I choose to create language organization tools instead of teaching a language? 

I wanted to go deeper and find solutions to the learning problems of language students in general, not only English learners. After creating many tools and printables in the last two years, and implementing them in my own learning process, I realized that the tools making the biggest impact in my fluency were the organization ones.

I started seeing results the moment planned my language practice, meaning the content and the activities to do. In one month of implementing organization strategies, I could finally learn the things that I struggled years to study! As a result, my motivation grew, and also I started to feel more confident when speaking. Even if I was a beginner in Korean and Italian, I could say more sentences than before.

I want to help other language students to be organized, so that they can also see results in their skills, because I know that organization is the biggest problem in most cases. Creating printables and courses made me feel aligned to my purpose, which is something I never felt when teaching English.

Now I’m using a schedule and curriculum that is easy to implement in my Korean and Italian studies. I feel motivated, productive and happy as I see that I’m getting closer to my language goals. I love creating new tools to help myself and other language students tp find a way to learn foreign languages without feeling overwhelmed. Making life easier is one of my purposes and that is why I’m here today!

I'm sure we have more in common!

Check out these 5 fun facts about me...


I loove musicals with every part of my heart and ears. I really like listening to songs from Hamilton, Les Mis, Dear Evan Hansen, Heathers, In the heights, Bare, Mean Girls and Come From Away.


I like to journal in both English and Spanish, because it makes me feel less overwhelmed. Journaling helps me finding solutions to my problems and limiting beliefs.


 I love handmade cookies and pastries! And if they are vegan or healthier, much better!


 I love reading books. In the fiction field, I really enjoy YA novels in the Dystopian, romantic and drama genres. But recently, I’ve been getting obsessed with self-help and spirituality books and now every time I get to the bookstore, I end up looking at this kind of literature. I’m really into manifestation at the moment!


I’m a Scorpion in the Zodiac Signs, a Pig in the Chinese zodiac and a INFJ in the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. My dosha is Vata-Pitta and my numbers in the enneagram are 4, 6 and 9.