5 Tips on How to Organize Yourself to Learn a Language

June 15, 2018

Learning foreign lanuages is one of my hobbies. I truly enjoy getting to know other cultures through their writing and speaking system. I think that when you learn how to communicate with people from other parts of the world, you expand your knowledge and perspective. Apart from that, I think each language is so unique and beautiful that sometimes I wish I could speak all of them as a superpower.

But life is not like that and in order to know something you must study hard. So sometimes I have struggles to keep myself organized and motivated to practice my skills in the foreign languages I am learning.


Does this also happen to you? If you are nodding with your head, continue reading this post and you’ll know how to organize yourself to learn a language with 5 easy tips!

Since I am a language learner, I have experienced some motivational and organization problems that are really common for amateur bilinguals and polyglots. We all want to master the languages of our dreams, but sometimes life gets in between and we are out of time to learn even a few new words.

I get you, it’s hard to balance studies, job, family, social meetings, love life AND languages. That is why I am writing this post. I want to help you somehow to achieve your polyglot goals.

If you are kind of a lover of foreign languages and you want to be fluent in the ones that drive you crazy, you may have experienced some stressful moments on where you just couldn’t find a single moment to study them. Obligations and social life are important things that also create a certain disorder in the other aspects of life. We want to do something but sometimes that seems to be imposible. Anyway, you WISH with all of your heart to be able to speak that beautiful language that people speak in the movies you love or the one you listen in your favourite songs.

Let me tell you something: that is not impossible, at all! You just need to get organized and set specific times for your language learning journey.

In this post you will learn 5 easy tips to get organized in order to master the foreign language(s) or your preference!

Tip 1: Have your study material near you

Seems like nothing, but it’s simple a really good advice. Having your study material, books, copybooks, etc. Will help you be more motivated to learn that foreign language you are crazy about! When you are able to see your learning material all the time, set up in a beautiful way, you increase your motivation to study.

So put your books nicely in your deask or table. Make it look like a blissful space to acquire knowledge and just see how more motivated to get!

Tip 2: Set time in your schedule to study

If you already have a weekly or monthly schedule but you haven’t written down there that you should study a foreign language, it’s posible you never do it! Instead, if you set a specific time at the day to learn, chances are that you will end up opening your book or learning app!

It’s as simple as that, girl. When you know you have to do something because is already written down, you tend to do it. So pick up your phone or wall calendar and organize your study sessions in specific days and time!

Tip 3: Create a checklist of goals

Having a checklist of objectives that you want to achieve in that language is both super cool and important. Make it look like a real curriculum of studies and you will be even more motivated to follow it than before! Set your goals like improve listening skills, being able to speak with a foreign person or write a letter in that language, and work towards that! If you know exactly what you want to achieve, it is much easier to accomplish those things!

Tip 4: Set alarms on your phone

Remember to set one or two alarms in your phone for the days you will study. That way you don’t forget your learning language schedule. This will help you to keep consistent with your studies. So go to your phone inmediately after scheduling your learning hours, and set certain alarms for it!

Tip 5: Use your commuting time!

If the bus you take everyday to work lasts half an hour to arrive to you destination, use that commuting time wisely! Always have a small notebook and pen to review some vocabulary words or gramar structures you have problems on. If you have an app on your cellphone with games or exercises to practice that language, use it too! Sometimes when I have nothing to do and no one to talk to, I grab my phone and use the LingoDeer app to learn Korean. I absolutely love to learn in a fun way during commuting because I feel like I am gaining knowledge instead of just losing time.

Final advice:

Create yourself an inspiration board to put in your wall or a pinboard in Pinterest. Looking at motivational pictures is something that will ALWAYS help you. Also, you can watch videos of polyglots on YouTube and learn from their experience!

Are you struggling to practice foreign languages? Check out my language study organization course!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! If you have any comment or question, just tell me in the comment section below.

Have an amazing day!